Feasibility Studies

For Clients, we can help assess the viability of your project / property investment project prior to you committing your capital to any form of detailed design or purchase costs. We can prepare estimated construction costs with as little information as building location, approximate building size and building use. We have vast experience working with developers and assisting them with investment decisions right from early stage drawings through to completion of the project.

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Estimates / Cost Plans

For Clients, we can produce cost plans / estimates for Commercial and Residential Projects anywhere in the UK. We frequently produce detailed cost estimates for projects ranging from new build homes, extensions, apartment developments, schools, restaurants and much more.

Tender Pricing for Contractors

For Contractors, one of our most popular services. We price construction work all over the UK for a large number of contractors on a repeat basis which is testament our accuracy, diligence and high success rate in preparing tender costs on their behalf.

Bills of Quantities

For Clients and Contractors, we can prepare Detailed SMM7 or NRM2 Bills of Quantities for any type of Commercial or Residential Project.

Schedule of Works

Similar to our Bill of Quantities Service, only a more condensed version. (For context: a typical Bill of Quantities for a large project could be upwards of 100 pages, our schedule of works option would condense this into an outline document of approximately 2-6 pages depending on project size)

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Contractual Advice

Having a legally binding contract in place can save a lot of heartbreak when building your dream home. Are you a contractor who needs help in understanding what your are entitled to claim for under a contract? We can prepare and administer both JCT and NEC Contracts for all types of project.

Tender Documentation

For Clients, we can prepare the Tender Documentation you need to get multiple prices from builders for your project. Are you aware competitive tendering is the best way to save money on your construction project?

Value Engineering

For Clients, we can analyse the design of your project and make recommendations of alternative specifications and the like to reduce project costs without compromising project quality.

Applications for Payment and Valuations

For Contractors and Clients, we can arrange monthly site visits and prepare valuations of the works complete in the previous month, administer the contract and deal with any variations that arise.

Construction Programmes and Cashflow

For Contractors, we can plan the duration of projects to facilitate the co-ordination of labour, materials and plant usage on site. For Clients, we can provide an estimated construction programme to allow for planning alternative accommodation, cashflow forecasting, bank drawn down applications and the like. Editable High Quality Gantt Charts and Cashflow Forecast

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